Website Design

Digital Ground Media Group can get your business online and in front of your audience. We specialize in setting up our customers with a website that will get them noticed by their local community, surrounding areas, or even worldwide to find potential customers. Let us help you build your online presence to make a statement in the ever important digital world. It doesn't matter if you need a beautiful website portfolio made for an artist, photographer, or designer to show and sell work, or maybe you're an entrepreneur with a great new idea that you want to reach the world with. We can help you accomplish your goals.

Why do I need this?

A properly made website like the ones we produce here at Digital Ground Media, can greatly increase the amount of people that know about your business. When compared to a business marketing plan purely dependent on print advertising, digital marketing with a website is extremely versatile and has the advantage of technology to do things like collect marketing data for your website to give you insight on your customer traffic. This can be used to help you make your marketing campaign better, saving you time and money.


Having a website that can be used to market and create interest in your business may cost less than you think. There are no mandatory printing requirements, thus saving on physical material costs (printers, ink, paper, labor, etc..). Although it does cost money to run online advertisements, the results from online ads can be quite lucrative in their returns. We can help you create well crafted online ads with our Digital Marketing Packages (please call for more information). Running online ads is not necessary to create traffic to your website tho. We can integrate any number of online services to create traffic to your site. Marketing tools like social media pages, other websites, and digital services can be integrated into your website. We always include  the important background work (Search Engine Optimization) for Google, to help people easily find your business. Print is still a great option as it can be used for events, to directly target crowds of people, and print will always have it's purpose, but the tools available once you start digital marketing are incredible.


We specialize in making those tools available to you. Once your business enters the digital world with a website made by our media group, we can help you connect your website to a wealth of incredible marketing tools. Our website design and digital marketing services will integrate your website with your social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Twitch, SoundCloud etc.) or with any other online service that can be beneficial to your business. By integrating your site with online services, we insure your site will get the most optimum and streamlined results possible. Instead of your website being a standalone product, it can be a hub for many digital services connected to it feeding into it's success.

Our standards

The websites we create here are of the highest quality and can be configured to be the perfect custom fit for your business. Our website designs use the newest and most up to date standards in website design technology. Your website will be crafted to adapt to any screen size automatically. It will actively detect the size of the browser window (like this website here) and insures the content you want to be seen will always be visible to your website visitors. This is a very important feature in this day and age as there are many different screen sizes and screen resolutions to consider on phones, tablets, desktops and TVs. Since our websites are made using responsive designs, you won't have to worry about your site not looking good on a certain type of screen. Every screen size will have a design layout that looks great for your website.

Some of our clients

Disclaimer: Some of the examples are not responsive designs, but show our desktop and mobile formats.  Our website and are examples of our responsive style of design.

After the design

After every website developed here, we like to see to it that those websites succeed in the best possible way. We don't stop with just a nice website design. Digital Ground Media Group does all of the background SEO needed to get your website found on search engines like Google. The reason we make sure to include the groundwork in Search Engine Optimization for your website is because, there's no reason to have a beautiful website if it can't be found. SEO inclusion is a must in our eyes, as it is the driving force in getting any website found.

Maintenance and digital marketing

We also offer assistance packages to provide help whenever you need it after we get your website up and running how you want. Our Maintenance and Digital Marketing packages give you the option to have our website developer make any changes you may come up with in the future. Our digital marketing packages will provide you with any assistance in making a digital marketing plan to promote your business even further using social media, social media advertising plans, online advertising and much more. Ranging from 1 time assistance to yearly packages, get the absolute most by asking about one of our Maintenance or Digital Marketing packages today!

How to proceed

Give us a call today (209) 425-5190, we will happily discuss all of your options and needs to come up with the custom design and price perfect for you.